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Search for the Phoenix Cover
Leaven Connolly never wanted to return home after leaving the small town of Ashport three years ago. She thought she was free of the embarrassment that comes with having ghost hunters for parents until her uncle passes away, making her the heir to the Ashport Conservatory.

Leaven is prepared to sell the place and get out of dodge but soon learns the hard way that her uncle has been keeping one of the most powerful creatures in existence hidden in the house: the one and only Phoenix. Being a creature of immense magical power, everyone wants their hands on it including a horde of vampires, a pack of werewolves, and almost everyone Leaven meets. The only people Leaven finds she can trust are a stranger fighting with his inner demons, her two oldest friends who aren’t exactly what they seem, a warlock who refuses to move on, and a self-serving exiled fairy.

What could go wrong?
Everything. Everything can go wrong.

The Ashport Archives: Search for the Phoenix

Things have been going great for Leaven Connolly ever since she took on the role of Conservator of Ashport with only a few minor hiccups. That is if you don't count unleashing the evil Queen Mab back into the world and possibly killing her best friend. Other than that, everything is running smoothly for Leaven and the rest of the Ashport gang. She definitely hasn't been accused of breaking treaties with vampires nor has she been sentenced to attend a college for aspiring Conservators to prove she has what it takes to be one. Her classmates definitely welcome her with open arms and the staff just loves her. She most certainly does not have a new Alchemist babysitter watching her every move and in no way does she have a beautiful, eccentric, and possibly insane stalker.

Nope, everything is just splendid. She can handle all of these problems without breaking a sweat or revealing her true identity to the whole of the Conservator community.

Everything is fine. Nobody panic.

The Ashport Archives: Memory of the Hoopoe

Cage of the Karura Cover (TBD)
Leaven and company find themselves at ends as they try to regroup after the events in Memory of The Hoopoe. Leaven is under more pressure than ever to keep everyone safe, but it may prove too much for her as she finds herself torn between who she can save and who she just might have to let go of. With friends turning enemies and enemies turning friends, Leaven enters the Fae Courts to bargain with the Queens, stand up against the Conservators, and even stare down down into the depths of Hell.

Can she stop the impending release of primordial demons? Can she save her friends from terrible fates? Most importantly, can she keep it together long enough to not lose control of herself?

The Ashport Archives: Cage of the Karura

Fall of The Esranum Cover
The finale of the Ashport Archives finds Leaven and the gang in turmoil over the loss of many of their own. With Colt and Nigel's fates unknown beyond the gate, Deryn in a coma, Talibah kidnapped, and Hal in Death's clutches, Leaven is teetering on the edge of darkness in order to save them all. Abandoning her friends at Ashport, she sets out on a journey to save her friends but with Sua's thirst for vengeance controlling her body in dangerous times, how many bodies will she leave in her wake? With chaos ruling her mind, she may just open the world to an entirely new threat that could end everything and everyone.

The Ashport Archives: Fall of The Esranum